Let’s start (cominciamo!)

So it happened!

Thanks to the great help of Maciej and Marcin, my (MY OWN!!!) website begins. Yes, it already makes me obliged. I take a serious tone and reject all mocking thoughts … Well, maybe not, because that would be a different Jacek …

What will happen here? I don’t know. Or – I don’t know yet. On one hand, I feel grateful to my mentors, teachers, idols, positive and negative models – for making me who I am. And I feel obliged to them (some of them are no longer with us …) that their ideas, thoughts, words, deeds, and above all their consequences – should be passed on to posterity. To Whom Well, anyone who wants to listen. On the other hand, I collected some punches, scars on the corporate body (nb: “corpus” is the body) to warn these who will follow – against certain actions.

Brick by brick I will build this temple dedicated to them, I will try to show how Their Personalities have left the marks on my professional experience, maybe not judging (because who am I to judge) but considering alternatives, potential different paths of action.

We begin, slowly, step by step… What a wonderful feeling!

Auxilio means support.

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