Well, it ended as quickly as it began. My full-time job absorbed me so deeply that the website remained dormant. Then a change of employer, to a seemingly very interesting and challenging position. Unfortunately, after a year the company’s strategy changed and I am forced to look for new opportunities. That doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything. In the meantime, I’ve got another diploma (Geopolitics and Geostrategy) and started a series of project management training courses, which will probably translate into further postgraduate studies from November this year. In other words – more and more to give away and experiences to share. And I’m constantly doing that: eight young managers and directors stay in touch with me, from whom I learn as much as they do from me (I hope…)

During one of these sessions, we talked about leadership philosophy. At West Point, it was suggested that we write down the definition, share it with subordinates, and review it regularly to make sure it doesn’t become outdated. During one of the training sessions dedicated to this issue, I heard an interesting suggestion: to include your own leadership principles in the form of quotes and short phrases that will make them easier to remember. Of course, I tried to combine them this way. Here they are (with source in italica):

  • Duc im altum (put out into the deep) – (Luke 5.4)
  • I want to make a dent in reality – (Steve Jobs)
  • I act as a rudder trimmer – (Stephen Covey)
  • The spice must flow.. – (Frank Herbert: Dune)
  • When in doubt, roll – (Bill Brufford)
  • I build teams of teams – (Gen. Stanley McCrystal)
  • Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy – (Stephen Covey)
  • Everything in moderation, including moderation – (folk saying)
  • I create leaders  – (mine)
  • Who am I to judge you? – (Anthony De Mello)
  • “I’ts gonna get better…”  – (Genesis)
  • Wake up! – (Anthony De Mello)
  • “Prendiamo Cafe…”  – (Gabrielle’s – Italian friend saying)
  • Hara Hachi Bu – (Japanese saying)

The above are some untidy thoughts, with no structure or order imposed. They are such beacons that illuminate my path to guide other people and lead them to their maximum potential. It is a treasure trove of knowledge – read, digested, tested in numerous crisis situations and spontaneous joy. Something interested you? I encourage you to contact me.



I draw from my own experience as a business leader and financial director. I am ready to show the way in numerous areas, including: 

  • leading through times of uncertainty, 
  • managing oneself, change and oneself in change, 
  • managing organization, finances, projects, and building organizational culture, 
  • preparing and easily conducting public speeches

My successes and failures can be a good inspiration for young leaders.